Top Tailgating Schools

by nixforsix on September 9, 2011

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This month’s copy of Tailgater Magazine includes a ranking of the top 20 tailgating schools. You can read the full article here with snippets about each school. People love to complain about the top tailgating lists,and I certainly have my issues with this one. But to me, you can only rank what you’ve experienced. Which means only a handful of people in the nation can really create a definitely list. In my opinion there are three aspects that should be ranked. Size, Uniqueness, and the actual Game. Any campus that isn’t jam packed with tailgaters gets pushed down. You need a unique food, tradition, or setting. And finally, the game needs to mean something. The stadium, the competition, everything must be an event. So many years from now when I’ve crossed off 20-30 campuses, I’ll present my thorough list. Until now, settle for Tailgater Magazine’s:

19 Georgia
18 Penn State
17 Colorado
16 Michigan
15 Oklahoma
14 Arkansas
13 Texas
12 Wisconsin
11 Alabama
10 Oregon
09 Auburn
08 Notre Dame
07 LSU
06 Tennessee
05 Ohio State
04 Washington
03 Clemson
02 Florida
01 Ole Miss

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