Advances in Sneaking In Alcohol

by nixforsix on August 15, 2008

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The LA Times has a story on pre packaged shots. These are discreet plastic packets that are filled with either fruity shots like Kamizkazes or straight liquor. I don’t know what took so long to create these. If you go into any college town on a fall Saturday you’ll see almost every customer in a liquor store grab a miniature. And there is only one reason for that. So why wouldn’t you make one that is less visible in your pocket or waist line?

Disposable Flasks are a perfect way to conceal liquor underneath your clothes and not set off metal detectors. The upgrade here is substituting a hard plastic container with a flexible plastic bag. And it’s an upgrade over ziplock bags because of the screw cap. Once again, why did it take this long? I’ll probably end up ordering these online but I wish my local liquor store carried some of this stuff.

Any of these would be better than the anxiety I experienced when sneaking a huge flask into the student section. I was known to panic on some occasions and just finish the flask before entering. I wasn’t so much afraid of getting arrested as I was scared of missing the game. So I’m all in favor of these new concealable products, though I can think of some merit to the more traditional ways of sneaking liquor into the game…

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